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Increase Exposure - Stay Top Of Mind With Coaches - Win More Invitations & Offers

Start Getting More Exposure, More Offers, More Invitations Today!

First Impressions Matter!

From The First Initial Introduction To The Scheduled Tryout, Your Athlete Marketing System Does All The Hard Work So You Get Noticed!

How Your Athlete Marketing System

Solves The Problem Most High School Athletes Face!

There are several challenges that high school athletes face in getting college coaches to notice them, invite them for tryouts, or even view their film of skill sets: Limited Exposure, Lack Of Contacts, Massive Competition

Using our automated system to find college coaches and email them a professionally written introduction that leads them to your athlete's marketing page can be beneficial for several reasons:

1. Efficient: Automated systems can quickly search for coaches that fit the athlete's criteria, saving time and effort compared to manually searching for and contacting coaches one by one.

2. Targeted: By using specific criteria such as location, division, or program needs, the automated system can target coaches who are most likely to be interested in the athlete's skills and qualifications. This can increase the chances of receiving a response and getting noticed by coaches who are a good fit for the athlete's goals.

3. Professional: The use of a professionally written introduction can convey the athlete's skills and achievements in a clear and concise manner that is more likely to capture a coach's attention. The marketing page can also showcase the athlete's abilities and accomplishments in a visually appealing and organized format, making it easier for coaches to evaluate the athlete's potential.

4. Consistent: Using an automated system ensures that each coach receives the same information in the same format, reducing the risk of mistakes or omissions. This can help present the athlete in a consistent and professional manner, which can increase the athlete's credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of coaches.

Overall, using an automated system that finds coaches and emails them a professional introduction can increase an athlete's exposure to potential college coaches and improve their chances of getting noticed, invited for tryouts, and scholarships offered.

Capture Attention

  • Athlete Profile Pages

  • Video Content

  • Emails & Texts Marketing

Nurture Relationships

  • Chat Widgets

  • Drip Marketing Campaign

  • Auto Replies

Schedule Meetings

  • Schedules Meetings Automatically

  • Sends Text / Email Reminders

The One & Only Complete Athlete Marketing System

Capture & Keep Attention With Beautiful Athlete Profile Pages

Our athlete pages instantly engage coaches and force them to pay attention, offers them a way to contact you, and gives them a seamless way to view all of your highlight content in one place. This gives you a measurable advantage over other athletes who are simply tagging coaches on social media randomly. Being different makes all the difference in the world.

Video Content

Nothing is responsible for more college scholarships awarded than video. You can upload an unlimited number of videos to your system giving coaches a seamless page to evaluate every aspect of your game. This video section highlights your best skills front and center to a captive audience. You have their FULL attention with no other distractions.

Social Proof

Coaches will inherently want to hear from other coaches and teammates of yours. Our Recommendations Section will do the selling, telling, and recommending about the athletes abilities and value as a team member. This social proof compels the coach to move forward in the process resulting in calls, or tryouts.

Closing The Deal

Your marketing system will close the deal by automatically scheduling phone interviews, zoom meetings, or in-person tryouts via our autoresponder system. It will automatically and instantly connect you to the coach by phone call once the coach schedules on your calendar, giving you the opportunity to say hello and introduce yourself. Once again this action positions you above the crowd and other prospects.

"If I had this system when I was playing and being recruited, I would have had 10X the offers that I received! This is a game changer for all athletes competing for college coaches attention today"

E. Holford

4 Yr Letterman - 3 Sport Varsity Athlete (1st Team All League, 3rd Team All State)

Multiple College Scholarship Offers

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a technically savvy to set this up?

Absolutely NOT! We do all the setup for you. You need to supply us with your contact information and we'll do the rest.

What If I Don't Have Any Content?

We supply you with DIY tutorials and trainings so that you can immediately create professional looking videos to highlight your skills. We teach you how to shoot these videos with a cell phone and tripod, right in your own driveway, local court, or local field. Your player profile page comes built with relevant stock photos to set the tone of your system but videos of you in action will be needed for best results. We also have an in-house video team that can shoot, and create videos for you.

What If I Need Support?

We are here to help. 7 days a week to answer your questions. Phone, email, and Zoom support meetings are always available.

How Long Does It Take To Get Setup?

Provided that you have supplied us with everything we need, we will have your system setup and ready for you to add your videos within an hour during normal business hours Mon-Sat.

Do You Guarantee Scholarship Offers?

Short answer is no. Ultimately scholarships are awarded to the athlete that best fit the colleges needs at the time. This criteria is based upon an individual athletes skills, academics, and attitude. Our system gets you seen by more decision makers in the process than ever before possible.

System Features Included


  • Mobile App

  • In App Phone Number

  • Social Media Integration

  • Email Marketing

  • Text Marketing

  • Automation Messaging

Feature Elements

  • Player Profile Page

  • Blogs

  • Photo Gallery

  • Playing Schedule

  • Calendars / Booking

  • Video Training System


  • Drip Email Campaigns

  • Social Media Posts

  • AI Booking Bot

  • Chat Widget

  • And More+++

All Sports Available

Our system can be built for any sport and customized upon request.

  • Basketball

  • Football

  • Hockey

  • Volleyball

  • Baseball

  • Softball

  • Track

  • Soccer and more...

Marketing Systems For All Sports

Our system can be built for any sport and customized upon request.

  • Softball

  • Basketball

  • Football

  • Hockey

  • Volleyball

  • Track & Field

  • Boxing, MMA

  • Soccer

  • Baseball

  • Tennis, more...

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